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What you get - Services and Products
What you get - Services and Products
What you get - Services and Products
What you get - Services and Products

What you get - Services and Products

Of course we do not know your current situation, whether you are building a new IT infrastructure, modernizing an existing one, looking for a solution in a specific area, or are simply curious about what we are doing. We can only describe what we love to do and in which areas we are really good.

Senior Experts

You will only find senior level experts at linked-planet. Each of us offers you many years of experience in the areas of Automotive/E-Mobility, Insurance/Finance and Industrial Services.

IT Governance

Technically and methodically correct procedure through certified consultation (CGEIT - Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT)

Agile Product Management / Product Ownership / Requirement Engineering

This is our everyday life. Often the underestimated factor in an IT project. One side is too much "business", the other one too much "implementer". And who does the connection and analytics? Certified! (PSPO / CSPO)

Software Architecture and Development

Full Stack IoT Business Solutions
Our current IoT Business Solutions are in use in the areas of E Mobility / Charging Infrastructure / Media Services

Microservices and MicroUIs in Cloud Infrastructure
We really love Cloud Infrastructure, Container based Services, which are highly available and have a leightweight fingerprint.

System Integrations
Our typical integrations are delivered for existing ERP systems (currently S4HANA Cloud Solutions); IoT Device Management; CRM Tools; 3rd party Billing etc.


We love infrastructure as code and modern CI / CD approaches, whether Bitbucket Pipeline / Jenkins or Gitlab and in connection with Cloud Formation or Terraform.

ITSM and Service Catalog Design

More than just a job. Your ITSM platform is our vocation. We also follow norms, standards and frameworks when implementing and developing your service catalog, without delivering a default solution. Every environment is individual and therefore needs an individual solution - don't let anything else tell you!

Atlassian Consulting and Solutions

You are already using or plan to use Atlassian Products? You have found an Atlassian Solution Partner and Atlassian Certified Professionals with strong experience in Atlassian Deployments and Plugin Development.

Wie build your Jira, Jira Service Desk and Confluence Solution!

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