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IoT Business Solutions
IoT Business Solutions

IoT Business Solutions

What do we mean by IoT Business Solutions?

Imagine that you are working in a company that is responsible for installing, operating and maintaining a large number of devices. These could be charging stations for electric cars or parts of a factory machine. It could be satellite antennas trying to discover alien life or a solar park.

These devices can be interconnected in complex ways and the settings must be visualized based on live data. Live data such as monitoring failures or tracking downtimes, which of course are tracked by a ticketing system and assign the work to those responsible. And most likely someone has to report all of this.

And then the sheer mass of maintenance cycles! The NOC must see at a glance which maintenance tasks are due next week, where they are to be carried out, who will carry them out, which documents are required!

Of course, all applications should be web-based. Does anyone still use desktop applications? And then of course high availability. Everything clustered and replicated.

If aliens have also been discovered, an alien <-> human translation service may be required (which is our greatest expertise as a software developer and consultant)

All of this makes up an "IoT Business Solution". IT systems that inspire your business to control live connected devices and components.

What does a possible template for such a solution look like?

We like to use Atlassian's products to build such solutions. Many of the requirements for an IoT Business Solution can be implemented "out of the box" immediately. Even better, the Atlassian products are industry standards in their field.

Why is that? Most tasks in our area require the following core functionalities or components:

  • Workflow engine / ticketing
  • Asset management / configuration management
  • Knowledge base

Let's take a look at the core products from Atlassian and Mindville:

  • Atlassian Jira & Jira Service Desk
    A web-based ticketing system that is based on the idea of ​​workflows, can be expanded and integrated extremely flexibly, the Swiss knife among the workflow-based systems.
    More about Atlassian Jira
  • Mindville Insight
    tickets change their items of business. It makes a lot of sense to depict these objects of your business and to integrate them as much as possible into the ticketing system. This is achieved with Insight for Jira, an extremely powerful asset and configuration management solution from Mindville.
    More about Insight
  • Atlassian Confluence
    A web-based wiki and knowledge base system that many companies use to structure, document and share knowledge.
    More about Atlassian Confluence

Do you already recognize the overlap?

All of these products meet our general blueprint requirements that they are state-of-the-art, highly customizable and easy to integrate. With this facility, we can manage IoT landscapes, create tickets, track responsibilities and start building our knowledge base.

In addition to powerful IoT Device Management (AWS IoT; a special proprietary solution for your industry or whatever), these products form the backend of a powerful and highly flexible IoT Business Solution.

And now the magic is coming. You have your business requirements. This can e.g. be:

  • Track device failures and service downtime
  • Management of maintenance intervals
  • Integration of IoT data streams and remote functions

We fulfill these functionalities with slim, tailor-made Microservices and MiroUIs, built from reusable components, designed, developed and operated with minimal time and effort. This enables us to concentrate on the areas in which they are innovative. The secret ingredients that give you a competitive edge.

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