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Who we are – People for Software
Who we are – People for Software
Who we are – People for Software
Who we are – People for Software
Who we are – People for Software
Who we are – People for Software

Who we are – People for Software

We are IT-experts.

linked-planet is a partnership of qualified IT experts with complementary skills - IT Strategy, Project Management, Architecture and Development. Each of us offers you many years of experience in the areas of automotive / e-mobility, insurance / finance or industry.

We are consultants.

We create successful IT organizations, analyze and design solutions and convey them to your team and your stakeholders. And we do this across departments, up to C-level, with empathy and social skills. We are not consulting just for the sake of consulting. We always follow our consulting work with working software.

We are software developers. We write code.

We do not understand coding as a low-level activity. Everything we talk about at a high level must eventually be translated into executable code. No matter how many fields are drawn in the enterprise architecture diagram. No matter how many flowery marketing slogans are mixed into the soup. In the end, it depends on the code.

We are domain experts.

In order to create solutions, we need to have a solid understanding of the business domain. This is why we do not belive in outsourcing. When you create solutions, you are casting business knowledge into a formal language, that does not allow for uncertainty. And this process always starts with limited knowledge.

We are nerds with social skills.

Yes, we are nerds. Kind of. We like to eat lambdas for breakfast. We feel like it was a bad day if we didn't get to use a fold operation that day. We like to read tech books on the beach. We like music that is good to listen to when coding.

We believe in technology. But we are pragmatic.

We have experienced the massive benefits of "teching up" - switching to more modern technology - many times.
Therefore, we are always open to new or different technologies and ideas. We see them as a chance rather than as a risk. We think that an idea only becomes a risk, if it turns out to be bad and you still hold onto it. Therefore, we are very critical with ourselves when we bring in new tech. Does it actually hold up to our own expectations? This mindset allows us to enable innovation, without risking projects.

We are "full stack". We aim for full product responsibility.

When you create a product from start to finish, you weigh each decision again.
Any decision taken during development for one component may affect others in that system. Therefore, it needs someone who retains the overall view!

We respect each other.

We believe that respect is the cornerstone of good teamwork and a positive social environment.
Respecting others means taking their opinions into account. One trusts in mutual abilities and judgment.
We like to work with people we can trust, who enjoy their work and support the team's achievements.
Our main principle: "Attitude"> "Skill".

We believe in open source.

The value we and our customers create is in customized solutions that are not available off the shelf.
Reusable, purely technical components are open sourced to increase quality and to be part of a larger community.

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