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What we stand for

What we stand for

We create software to give people value

Our software is designed to create value, not only financial, but also social, for customers, employees and company owners.
And these values ​​are always given to people in the end.

That's all right, isn't it?

Now there is an ambiguous thing, the janus face of the economically active company, so to speak.

In return for what we deliver to our customers, we get (yes, of course): money. 
And there are already the first problems in many IT consulting companies:
"Making money" is gaining importance. If you bring a lot of money, you also earn a lot yourself.
And then it starts with the satisfaction of personal interests: career, power, confirmation ...
The value that you originally wanted to create in the company slips into a subordinate role.

What do we do differently?

Our experience has shown that such companies dissatisfied not only their employees but also their clients, in the medium term.
The purpose of the company is shifting away from the customer towards itself. The customer degenerates into a by-product. And there the current market situation of the IT industry can be dangerous. The demand is so great that with sales skill such a company can not only survive for a long time but can also earn money.

We often see the result: 
Well-earning companies with still dissatisfied employees and customers.


Focus on people

We don't want this "self-satisfaction".
We focus on the values that we ultimately pass on to people. We've learned that the rest comes from alone. This also includes the money we earn and need to continue to have good ideas, to deliver cool products and high quality services.
We do what we do very well: Build software.

Software for People

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